Visual artist Anna Glover, MA Fine Art, BA(Hons)



Without much notice we are becoming a botherless mass in an extreme speed of life: headlessly running toward globalisation, creating great collision

of man-made industry against the nature, which is going to leave us face to face with ourselves.                                                                                                                                                                

Gina Van-Lore, 2007



Anna Glover (aka Gina Van-Lore) is a multidisciplinary visual artist, creative practitioner, teacher and ecologist. Born in Czechoslovakia, currently based in the North-East, UK. Her artwork takes a critical view point on social, political and cultural issues, focusing on ecological context.


Throughout her career she has built a practice that reconnects her audience with the multifaceted nature of arts. She strives to provoke a sense of uniqueness of self and to inspire discovery of happiness and beauty in unusual things and places. Her work methods and processes are intuitive, exploring diverse subject matters that varies from culture, heritage, health to ecology, all of which serve as great inspirations, initiating collaborative communication and participation.

Working with multiple media allows her to experiment with diverse visual processes. Her projects consists of series of mixed media works, often exhibited as separate pieces with their own significance and meaning.


In her  body of work, Anna presents evocative installations that explore the struggle between humanity and nature. As living environment, homes, cities and urban areas are increasingly affected and littered with trash, objects, plastic, etc. , she considers waste disposal  a major issue.


''While we humans strive to build and to civilize, we often cause harm in the name of progress, while nature tries to continue its perpetual cycle of renewal.''


Anna’s intricate, three-dimensional paintings, sculpture and installations can be explored endlessly, yielding a new discovery with each viewing. They serve as a reminder of our quotidian hold on the constructed environment. Her work grows organically, building up from the surface.  She combines traditional painting skills with that of the eclectic characteristics of post-modernist culture through use of throw away and everyday materials, and translating them into high art.


Anna relates her techniques and the use of both man-made and organic materials to the conflict between people and the environment. Her layered and repeated processes of drawing, painting and building also recalls the growth and subsequent destruction essential to our relationship with nature.




Selected Exhibitions

2019 The Sunderland Indie Open Art Exhibition, Mackie's Corner, Sunderland, UK.

          The City by the Sea, group exhibition, THE BEAM, VAUX site, Sunderland, UK.

          Open Studio, permanent solo exhibition, Bridge Street, Sunderland, UK.

        A View From The Edge, The Sunderland Indie, group exhibition, Arts Centre Washington, UK.

        A Heroine's Journey, Women's House Exhibition, SWAG, Sangini, Mackie's Workshop, Sunderland, UK.

2018  Žena, solo exhibition, Mackie’s Corner Gallery, Sunderland, UK.

         20/20 Vision, The Sunderland Indie, group exhbition, Mackie’s Corner, Sunderland, UK.

         Open Studio, permanent solo exhibition, Bridge Street, Sunderland, UK.

          Talk to Me, solo performance, Holy Trinity Church/Canny Space, Sunderland, UK.

          Participatory Artist. Matt Stokes, Gogmagog. Canny Space, Sunderland, UK.

          Glass Ships, Tall Ships Races, Sangini, group exhibition, The Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland, UK.

          Libertango, solo performance, The Fire Station, Sunderland, UK.

2017 Meet Your Neighbour Festival Exhibition, group exhibition, Independent, Sunderland, UK.

          All We Are Saying, group performance and art exhibition, Sunderland Minster, UK.

         MYNF part 2, solo exhibition, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Sunderland, UK.

         Open Studio, permanent solo exhibition, Bridge Street, Sunderland, UK.

2016  Is There An Avant-garde?, solo performance, Holmeside Coffee, Independent, Sunderland, UK.

          How to Eco the Drums, solo performance, Sunderland Museum, UK.

          Open Studio, permanent solo exhibition, Bridge Street, Sunderland, UK.

2015  Reminiscence, solo performance, European Day of Languages Event, City Space, Sunderland, UK.

         Open Studio, permanent solo exhibition, Bridge Street, Sunderland, UK.

2014 Open Studio, permanent solo exhibition, Bridge Street, Sunderland, UK.

2013 Deus Ex Machina, short film, solo exhibition, Arthouses festival, Whitley Bay Film Festival, Whitley Bay, UK.

        Open Studio, permanent solo exhibition, Bridge Street, Sunderland, UK.

        Peep Boards, Armed Forces Day, Herrington Country Park, UK.

        Deus Ex Machina, solo exhibition, St. Aidan’s College, Bailey Room, Durham University, UK.

        Victory, continuous traveling solo exhibition, private commission, Sunderland, UK.

        The Entombment, solo exhibition, on show every year, commissioned by St. Cecilia's Church, Sunderland, UK.

2012 Christmas Exhibition, local group, Creative Cohesion, Sunderland, UK.

         Tell Him What You Want, solo exhibition, Arthouses Festival, Whitley Bay Film Festival, Whitley Bay, UK.

         Open Studios, Studio Q and Creative Cohesion, group show, Sunderland, UK.

         to ti En einai, solo exhibition, Cloister Cafe, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

2011 /Giraffe/, 'Civic', group international exhibition, The First International Festival of Billboard Art, NGCA & Reg Vardy, Sunderland, UK.

          Where is Ai Wei Wei?, performance and social networks action, in response to worldwide 'Where is Ai WEI WEI' callout project,  Ashburn House and Sunderland, UK.

         Libertango, solo performance, The Shipwrights, Sunderland, UK.

         MA Fine Art Degree Show, group show, Reg Vardy, Sunderland, UK.

2010  Infected Paradigm, solo exhibition, Shaun Project Space, Sunderland, UK.

          Monkey Business, performance and film, in response to Guerrilla Girls “Indomitable Women”,   Ashburn House and Sunderland, UK.  

         Paranoko, performance, solo show, Backhouse Park, Sunderland, UK.

         Hide and Sees, solo exhibition, in conjunction with AV Festival Energy, Ashburn House, Sunderland, UK.

2009 Eclectic, group show, Reg Vardy, Ashburn House, Sunderland, UK.

          Is There an Avant-Garde?, solo performance, Ashburn House, Sunderland, UK.

         Autorretrato, solo show/performance, White Room, Ashburn House, Sunderland, UK.

         Target Practice, solo exhibition, Shaun Project Space, Sunderland, UK.

2008  Untitled, solo exhibition, Ashburn House, Sunderland, UK.

         Driftwood, solo exhibition, Shaun Project Space, Sunderland, UK.

         Mixed Group Art Show, Arts Centre, Washington, UK.

         Connecting Doors, solo show, Shaun Project Space, group show, Sunderland, UK.

2007  Radioactive Cookery, solo exhibition, White Room, Ashburn House, Sunderland, UK.

          Face to Face, solo performance, Sunderland City Centre, Sunderland, UK.

         Untitled, Long Gallery, group show, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

         Gina Van-Lore (Untitled),  solo show, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

2006  Arts and Design Show, group show, Lowestoft College, UK.



•Canny Space, Holy Trinity, Sunderland, 2018

•Visiting Artist, Ludovit Fulla Gallery, Ruzomberok, Slovakia, 2017

•Our Lady of Mercy, Sunderland, 2013 – 2017

•Swan Street Centre, Sunderland, 2012 - 2013



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Works in collections

•Durham University, Durham, UK

•St.Cecilia's Church, Sunderland, UK.

Private collections: 

•Worldwide (UK, Finland, Slovakia, South Africa, Uganda)



•2009 – 2011   MA Fine Art; University of Sunderland

•2006 – 2009  BA Fine Art (Hons); Newcastle University, University of Sunderland

•1986 – 1990    Biotechnology MSc.; The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacology, Kosice, Slovakia

•1983 – 1985    Diploma in Music (Instrumental/Vocal Teaching, Music Performance, Music Direction, Theory of Music); Arts Academy, Vranov, Slovakia


Speciality training

•Teach Training Course for UK Trainers in Istanbul, ISMEK, Erasmus+ Adult Education project, Praxis Europe, Istanbul, Turkey, 2018

•Make Art Happen Compact, Helix Arts, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2017


Core Qualifications

•NCFE L2, Certificate in Principles of Team Leading, 2019

•NCFE L2, Enterprise Skills, 2017

•NCFE L2, Digital Promotion for Business, 2017

•One Awards L3, Certificate in Public Service Interpreting and Linguistics, 2015

•City & Guilds L2, Certificate in Adult Literacy, London, 2004

•A Level Maths, Grammar School, Vranov and Toplou, Slovak Republic, 1986


Other  Projects

•2008  Pete Dodds & Rudy's Music Shop, The Colour Blue, RGF Records, Cover promotional photoshoot, UK

•2007  Kontradiktions, jazz trio, Cover promotional photoshoot, UK

•2006  Headzup, rock band, Cover promotional photoshoot, UK