''We encourage people to develop and voice their own creative spirit and guide them to feel empowered by their life experiences''

                                                                                          health and Arts harmony Projects


heArts Projects firmly believes that exploring and expressing creativity, in children and adults, leads to a happy, healthy and successful life.Participation through social engagement and creativity is the key link to improved health and mental wellbeing.


heArts Projects, established in 2012, is an educational, environmental and health and wellbeing promoting initiative, with an enthusiasm for working with diverse groups; engaging local communities with the aim to make art that challenges conventions and positively impacts society.


Over the years we have worked with participants of all ages and abilities, including physical and mental disability groups, disadvantaged and marginalised communities. We use our knowledge and experience in offering bespoke classes in *creativity, *creative language, *self-expression, *various art techniques, *music,  *art book making, *sculpture, *design, *digital media, *crafts  and more. All you need to do is contact us with your needs and requirements.


Our team of professionals include creative and self-care practitioners.


As the heArts creative Projects are designed to the specific needs of individual groups, communities, schools, social institutions, organisations and  working industry, we aim to develop and to deliver variety of creative art and craft workshops and classes, individually  tailored  and specialised, addressing definitive requirements and issues of our clients and community interests.

This may include  health and wellbeing, cultural, heritage, environmental, curriculum, functional, team building workshops, etc.


Projects can range from one-off events to long-term programmes;  with aims to help participators to provide relaxation, improve their body and memory agility, brining a level of normality to their everyday life; or helping them to develop new skills which may help to cultivate their own dynamic art groups with responsive artistic practice and creative legacies.


heArts Projects liaised and worked with many organisations including local charities, community centres, Sunderland BME Network, Sangini, Sunderland Culture, Cultural Spring, FODI, YAV, Action for Children, ICOS, Women’s Network, Groundwork NE, Climate Action NE, CHANCE, Bishop Auckland Schools Cluster, CCT, Sunderland City Council, Sure Start, universities, faith groups, scouts associations,  other organisations, local communities and schools, initiating creative and positive communications, collaboration and interactions.


We are especially knowledgeable in delivering environmental education and teaching different art and craft techniques, especially embracing

re-use, re-purposing and upcycling.


''I question the vastness of urbanisation and spiralling consumerism versus our wellbeing and spiritual development. Our living environment, homes, cities, and urban areas are littered with things and objects, and waste disposal have become a major challenge. While we humans strive to build and to civilize, we often cause harm in the name of progress, while nature tries to continue its perpetual cycle of renewal.'' A. Glover


Anna Glover (MA Fine Art), the founder of  the heArts Projects, is highly experienced, with almost 30 years of practice in this field, multidisciplinary teaching artist, creative practitioner, mentor, curator and wellbeing and mental health advocate . She is confident, self-motivated, ambitious professional, passionate and committed to embracing collaboration with various groups and communities, and other professionals, using her knowledge, skills and acumen. Anna is an organised, diligent, resourceful senior creative producer, educator, consultant and coach, competent and experienced in developing and delivering high quality programmes across social and creative areas, with the ability to adapt quickly and work efficiently with high levels of integrity.


There are various influences that heArts Projects find integral in support of their mission, which helps to display the evidence of the need and benefits of arts in health and wellbeing. One influence, in particular, is the report by Gordon-Nesbitt (2017) titled ‘Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing. All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing.’:


‘’The arts should be thought of as an integral part of person- and community centred care aimed at the management of long-term physical and mental conditions.’’


‘’The arts are integral to health and should be recognised as such by health services.’’


‘’The arts and culture – including architecture, design and heritage – enrich environments, making them beneficial to our health and wellbeing.’’


‘’Participatory arts activities generate a safe space for marginalised communities.’’


‘’Engagement in arts activities helps to overcome social isolation, acting as a protective factor against dementia.’’


‘’Creative expression lends a voice to the voiceless.’’



References: https://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/articles/should-craft-be-available-on-the-nhs?





2018 - Thank You award, awarded by CHANCE, Sunderland.

2017 - Community Role Model Award, awarded by Sunderland BME Network & Sunderland City Council.


Selected Projects


• Project Designer/Workshop Leader. Is Plastic Fantastic?, Clean and Green Environmental Awarness Project, West Area Sunderland City Council 3 days Event. Educating visiting schools and wide public about history  of plastic and  exploring arts, crafts, environmental issues, health and sustainability.

•Participatory Visual Artist/Workshop Leader. Creative Eco Fun Workshop. International Children’s Day Event. Sunderland

Sessional Worker. City by the Sea Heritage Project, THE BEAM @ VAUX, Sunderland. Leading participatory workshop sessions with selected schools in Sunderland (Broadway Junior and Bexhill Academy) to design and complete surfboards for permanent exhibition at The Beam, Vaux Site, Sunderland.

Participatory Visual Artist/Workshop Leader. Arts & Crafts. SWAG Women’s Group. Sunderland.

2011 – Present

• Freelance Community and Participatory Visual Artist/Producer/Workshop Leader/Lecturer/Coach/Ecologist/Instructor working in partnership with ICOS, Sunderland. Developing creative language and working with communities and diverse groups (including children, vulnerable, etc) exploring arts, crafts, environmental issues and sustainability.


•Freelance Community and Participatory Visual Artist/Eco-artist/Workshop Leader/Instructor. Sunderland Women's Art Group (SWAG), SANGINI.


• Workshop Leader. Mikolajki Event. Family event. ICOS, Bede Tower, Sunderland.

•Workshop Leader. Groundwork NE & Cumbria , Christmas Crafts. Community family event, Trinity  Church, Sunderland.

•Project Designer/Workshop Leader. Eco Christmas Arts & Crafts. SWAG Women’s Group. Sunderland.

•Community and Participatory Visual Artist/Workshop Leader. Armistice Day 2018 celebration week. Community and Family event, Millfield Communities, Parker Trust & City Council, Sunderland.

•In Residence. Holy Trinity, Sunderland.

•Art Project Designer. CCT. Canny Space, Sunderland.

•Designer/ Workshop Leader. Creative ESOL. Community family event. ICOS, Sunderland.

•Designer/ Workshop Leader. CHANCE, 25th Anniversary Mosaic, Sunderland.

•Community and Participatory Visual Artist/Workshop Leader. Creative Eco Fun Workshop. International Children’s Day Event. Sunderland

•Project Designer/Workshop Leader. Eco Arts & Crafts. CHANCE, Sunderland.

•Ecology Lecturer/Workshop Leader. Series of Ecology and Art Workshops with Grangetown Primary School, years 4,5 & 6, Sunderland.

•Participatory Visual Artist/Workshop Leader. Eco Event/Family Event in the Park for Refugee Week. FODI. Backhouse Park, Sunderland

•Participatory Visual Artist/Workshop Leader. Woodlands Project. Friends of Backhouse and Barley Mow Parks, Sunderland.

•Workshop Leader. Fairy Doors Project. Blue Watch Youth Club, Sunderland.


• Community and Participatory Visual Artist/Workshop Leader, Sangini, Sunderland.

•Workshop Leader. Community Spirit Christmas Stage. Up-cycling project. Make Culture - Sunderland Bid. Park Lane, Sunderland.

•Workshop Leader. Mikolajki Event. ICOS, Eagle Building, Sunderland.

•Visiting Artist. Ludovit Fulla Gallery. Ružomberok, Slovakia.

•Cultural Producer, Curator, and Artist. Meet Your Neighbour Festival, Sunderland.

Working with ICOS in partnership with Big Lottery Fund, Sunderland City of Culture Bid 2021, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Sunderland City Council, University of Sunderland, Embassy of Slovak Republic, local press, schools, and communities, responsible for co-production of an international cultural festival; Embassy and Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens liaison; exhibition curator; advertising material designer; leading art/music workshops; in charge of festival evaluation activities and the final evaluation report.

•Workshop Leader. Textile Art Course. Cultural Spring. CHANCE Community Centre, Sunderland.

•Ecology Lecturer/Workshop Leader. Series of Ecology and Art Workshops with Grangetown Primary School, years 5 & 6, Sunderland.

•Ecology Lecturer/Workshop Leader. Series of Ecology Workshops plus Recycling/Upcycling workshops; ICOS; Millfield Communities, Sunderland. Plastic bottles creative upcycling.

•Workshop Leader. Cultural Spring, Community Upcycling Workshops; Marsden Road Health Centre, South Shields; St Oswald's Church Hall, Sunderland. Glass jars upcycling.

•Workshop Leader. Sunderland City Council; 160th year Celebration of Mowbray Park, Sunderland. Jack Crawford Medal making.

•Workshop Leader. Flag making workshops; Hudson Road Primary School / Nursery; Sunderland. Leading educational activities and art workshops for children ages 3 to 5 (Nursery) and ages 10-11 (Year 5), about European countries, including re-creating their flags.

•Workshop Leader. BBC arts Get Creative workshops; Library Houghton-Le-Spring; and Creative City Space, Sunderland. Leading creative art upcycling workshops using paper and plastic with public and community.

•Workshop Leader. Creative Dental Activities Project; Action for Children, Newcastle upon Tyne. Dental health based educational activities and art creative workshops, including story telling for community families with children.

•Project manager. MAH Helix Arts; WHIST South Shields. Working with an artist Bethan Maddocks, delivering creative workshops. Working with women around their health, physical and emotional wellbeing.


• Workshop Leader. Mikolajki Event. ICOS, Sunderland.

• Artist Consultant. Low carbon project, Sunderland BME Network.

•Visual Artist. Collaboration project with Z. Hruskova. Ruzomberok, SK.

Creative Practitioner  and publication producer. Children’s Creative Language Course and Health Publication. Speciality ESOL in Health Literacy for Families with Children. This project was provided to give minority families with children a chance to overcome difficulties in communication about general health issues at home, health settings and schools, creative way.

•Artist Consultant. Community Re-use Circular Economy Project, Sunderland City Council.

•Workshop Leader. Ecology/Recycling Project, Diamond Hall Junior School, Sunderland.


• Workshop Leader. Mikolajki Event. ICOS, CHANCE, Sunderland.

•Visual Artist/Illustrator. P. Adegbie, African Tales.

•Workshop Leader. ECO project, CHANCE, Sunderland.

2009 - 2014

• Workshop Leader. Mikolajki Event. ICOS, Sunderland.

•Visual Artist/ Workshops Leader. Bishop Auckland schools cluster group European Project. Festival of European workshops in song, storytelling, and visual art. Coming from Eastern Europe (Slovak Republic) myself, I was able to offer a unique take on the European culture, including storytelling, fairy tales, folk music, visual arts and crafts.  

•Artist’s Assistant. Working with Ed Carter, Fl10s: False Lights Seaham, an installation, composition, and a site-specific live performance; East Durham Creates; Seaham, UK.

2004 - Creative practitioner. Disability Association, Cape Town, South Africa.

2002 - 2006

•Community participatory artist and creative practitioner. Sure Start, Lowestoft, UK.

•Community participatory artist and creative practitioner. C. Hamburger Community Projects, Suffolk, South-East, UK.

1991 – 1998        

•Music Director and Conductor, Thurrock Community Accordion Club and Orchestra, Essex, UK.


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